Complimentary Staging Services
Staging a home ensure that a buyer can visualize their own lifestyle in the home and not get distracted by the seller's décor and personal items

Property Descriptions on FMLS and Zillow
Instead of just listing basic characteristics of the home, it is more effective to create imagery by articulating how someone might live in the home. Zillow allows an agent to include additional information about what they like about the home, which is a great opportunity to elaborate on the lifestyle in the home.

State of the art HDReal photography technology is used to capture the view through the windows of the home, create crisp images and has been proven to achieve more than two times the number of showings than other professional photographers' images.

Seller Written Home Biography
The seller reflects on why they have enjoyed living in the home and neighborhood. This is an excellent opportunity to connect to the buyer, who might have a similar vision for their family in the home (ie. How the parent has enjoyed raising their children in the home).

Zillow Walkthrough Video
This two-minute video allows the listing on Zillow to be more prominently promoted than other listings on Zillow without walkthrough videos.

Maximum Internet Exposure
The home is featured on 40,000 Web, Video, Mobile sites and is given priority on the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Georgia Properties website.

Virtual Tour
Allows buyers to better understand how the space is defined.

Targeted Agent Communications
Top agents who sell homes in the area are contacted via phone, email and text with information about the listing, invitations to caravans and price improvements.

Custom Handouts
The story of the property is brought to life through pictures and words creating imagery of how to live in the home.

Personal Follow-Up
All agents are personally communicated with either during the showing or afterwards to gain feedback.

Open Houses
Holding monthly open houses is important so that buyers can walk and experience the home rather than just looking at pictures. Also, it is a great opportunity to answer buyer questions.

Customized Home Resource Guide
School information, list of upgrades, utility costs and neighborhood information are compiled to give buyer a snapshot of the home and community.

Broker Caravan
Agent caravans allow the home to have maximum exposure to agents who have buyers looking in the area and price point and for agents to hear the story of the home directly from the listing agent.

Social Media Headlines
Using unique and catchy headlines on moving photo carousels captures people's attention on Facebook and Instagram..